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Rondo Pavilion
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Introducing an exciting new garden pavilion

to elevate your outdoor living experience.


360° rotating
glass shells

Full control of climate.

Protects against the elements all year round.

Offers immersive experience of the outdoors.

Graceful and contemporary, the Rondo is a circular glass pavilion where you can enjoy 360° views of
your garden and surrounds.


Get cool in the summer, stay snug through the winter, All Year Rondo.

Quality, durability
as standard.

Designed and manufactured in Germany by Hoklartherm,
a company with over 40 years’ experience.

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Pavillon Rondo VK .jpg

Get outdoor space.

A perfect place for family and friends.

Used as a living/dining space, a hot tub enclosure, a relaxation/wellness space, party pavilion or music stage.

360° living

Rondo's unique 360° rotating opening
system allows air in or out.

This means you can use Rondo all day long, and all year round. You'll never be
too hot or too cold.




3 sizes / diameters: 

3.31 m | 3.94 m | 4.62 m


2 hand-rotatable glass shells incl. sliding door


Thermodynamic wind turbine fan for ventilation


3 frame colour options: green, grey or white


Toughened and perspex glazing


Elegant dome roof, white

or transparant, UV-resitant 

087 485 3979

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