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Euro Domo

The Euro-Domo lean-to from Euro-Serre is an ideal greenhouse solution for big or medium sized gardening areas and patios next to a suitable wall.

Euro Domo

The Euro Domo offers lots of space and all the advantages of a quality greenhouse. It has a rust resistant aluminium frame and can be glazed with 4mm toughened glass or 8mm polycarbonate sheets to ensure a durable stable product for many years to come. Roof vents, a sliding door in gable end and inbuilt gutter and down pipe are standard features of the Euro Domo. 


The Euro-Domo is available in two widths: 2.33m (7'8'') and 3.08m (10'1''). 

Eaves height with plinth: 1.81m (5'11'') 

Ridge height with plinth: 2.33m (7'8''), respectively 2.41m (7'11''). Eaves height without plinth: 1.72m (5'7'') 

Ridge height 2.24m (7'4'')/2.31m (7'7'') (optional: extended eaves height up to 2.01m (6'7'') - extra charge applies) 

Standard roof pitch is 11° (option: 25° - extra charge applies) 


Standard colors for the frames are green, red, white, blue, grey and black. Non-standard colors are available for extra charge. 


Mixed glazing solutions are possible, e.g., roof glazed with polycarbonate, sides glazed with toughened glass. 

Additional items available: 

  •  sliding door, wide sliding door 1.44m (4’9’’) wide, double sliding door, hinged door, double hinged door 

  • Additional roof or side window with hand opener or automatic window opener

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