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Euro Maxi

The Euro-Maxi is the ideal hobby greenhouse for the demanding gardener.

Euro Maxi

Practical, robust, stylish and with many uses - The Euro Maxi from Euro-Serre offers everything. It serves as a tomato greenhouse, relaxation room or wintering place for your frost-sensitive plants. The Euro-Maxi comes with inbuilt gutter and downpipes and roof vents. 

The Euro-Maxi comes in two main sizes: 

Euro-Maxi small 

width 2.36m (7’9’’), eaves height with plinth 1.81m (5’11’’), ridge height 2.36m(7’9’’) 

Euro-Maxi large

width 3.09m (10’2’’), eaves height with plinth 1.81m (5’11’’), ridge height 2.50m (8’2’’) 

The eaves height without plinth is 1.72m (5'7''). You can have an extended eaves height of 2.1m (6'10''). 

To further customize the Euro-Maxi you can choose between numerous configuration options: 


The Euro-Maxi can be glazed with 4 mm single toughened glass, 8 mm twin wall polycarbonate or mixed a glass/polycarbonate glazing. 


For the frames you can choose between the colors green, red, blue, grey and black. 

Doors and functioning windows

You can choose between a sliding door, a wide sliding door wide, a double sliding door as well as a hinged door or a double hinged door. Additional roof or side windows can be fittet with hand openers or automatic window openers. 

Further adjustments possible

The Euro-Maxi can be fitted onto dwarf wall (the recommended height of dwarf wall should be from 430mm/1'5'' to 830mm /2'9'').

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